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Come here! Come here!

In the afternoon,louboutin pas cher, the baby want to eat candy,www.louboutinoutletonsaleinusa.com, a man ran out of the door,www.louboutinoutleteshoesofusa.com, I didn't move. She went back, and stood in the door and I said " come on,Louboutin Outlet! Come on,www.louboutinpascherafr.com! " it is rare,christian louboutin outlet, the baby was talking to me,louboutin, it seems or candy charm.
See Encyclopedia quest,Christian Louboutin Outlet, a baby 6 a month will know 1000 Chinese characters. My baby the one hundred picture did not recognize, know today forget tomorrow. Sometimes I wish she was so clever,christian louboutin shoes, sometimes also hope she " fools have fortune ".
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Nonsense verse of popular network white Yunzhen wh

The pioneerpoet mark .Born in 1978 in the pioneer poet and novelist, image author Mark (formerly Zheng Gongyu ) has always known ,but recently ,a netizen in micro-blog posted the three black poetry ,respectively named if you really want to give me the money , clouds and praise to do ,immediately aroused a sensation .
Black vernacular to extreme like automatic speaking like Lao homely tone of writing poetry ,let netizens exclaimed Zhao Lihua successor .Reporter discovery ,black poetry does not pay attention to any prosodic ,basically be to see what what to write , if you really want to give me money ,black was published by a group of bank account is a poem ,and in the drinking alone under the moon in black ,is the creation of Li Bai references drinking alone under the moon ,only in the end with the phrase Li Bai wrote the poem ,became their creation of Pioneer Poetry ,let a person feel at a loss .
The given name nonsense black poetry in micro-blog is reprinted more than ten thousand times ,a lot of friends that all over the world all Jing , hardcore , amazing ,Louboutin Outlet, strong violence .
.. ... Netizen Yang Yi _ moon beautiful dream said : black ,if your work is also called the poem ,then we all forms of language and text are poetry ,we dream talk ,eat and chew is a poem ,the barking of the dogs ,www.louboutinoutletonsaleinusa.com,cattle snoring is poetry .
If the vamp nonsense can be a poet, the poet had so at all times and in all countries said he is a fool .Read your poetry ,as well as open TV advertising . Subsequently,louboutin, netizens black poetry known as nonsense ,the seed said : now talk nonsense is a poet ,Li Bai ,Du Fu will be in tears .
Netizen Mimi is my home BB said : read mark works ,I know ,you can make three five sentences ,remember every punctuation wrap ,sentence quoted idiom is Anne baby ,no idiom is the vanguard poetry .
Online to become the pioneer poet many netizens on the black nonsense poetry amused ,attacked the poet threshold is too low ,but also so ,many people began to parody the black poetry ,called themselves can also be a pioneer poet .
The parody is the most white to praise ,the original poem is written like this : the white Yunzhen white ah / really / very ,very white very white white / very very white / extremely white / thief white / almost white dead / ah -- netizen Michelle M the creation of a praise : he asked God to earth who love doing ?God says :Love / meeting / love / love / thief meeting meeting meeting meeting / love / loved ah -- netizen Yang Yi _ moon beautiful dream this format irony mark : you write bad poetry really terrible ah / really ,very bad very bad very bad / terrible / bad / rotten rotten / thief was extremely rotten dead / ah -- netizen small house the South to write about the traffic in Beijing : praise Victoria Bridge team really plugging ah / really ,very block is very very very very plugging plugging / block / special block special plugging / extremely blocking / thief blocking / almost blocked / ah -- the creation of new black himself although encountered the frown and parody ,but black seems very good mentality, he not only in micro-blog on Forwarding the netizens at his expense ,also said : the recent two days by the praise and praise over the past thirty years than I add up to 7000 more times ,I tell the truth a little shy .
In addition to thank ,I also want to say that China has been the existence of many invisible poets ,but usually people don .Actually you occasionally read poetry there is nothing about it, why not ? Thanks to the netizen ,mark also wrote a song called my fire poetry self: I call my mom to tell her / I on fire / is ?My mother is not online ,really ?/ really ,my dear mother / I never lie to you / my mother was glad to hear that, then ?Then I will not fire .
I said . Experts say it is entertainment poem for the black star,www.louboutinoutleteshoesofusa.com, the contemporary poet Zhou Yaping did not laugh ,he said : I feel very good ,the students insist to change people established poetry definition ,long-term since ,poetry with mixed mixed literature ,silly ,Christian Louboutin Outlet,let the poem back to black small ,let we also go back to small to ,nothing .
The poet fisherman said: modern poetry is divided into three schools,christian louboutin shoes, one clique is familiar to all school ,they wrote the poem is neat, content is more serious ;School of poets belonging to the radical ,their poetry is not neat ,but the mood is strong ;one is the entertainment group ,their poetry is not neat emotion is not high ,but the narrative of the life is small, have one wrote poetry .
This school belongs to the last mark .Although everybody says he speaks nonsense nonsense ,but to write feelings ,but the poet himself that he is writing a poem ,so this is a poem . Reporter Yin Wei to praise : the sky clouds white Yunzhen white ah / really / very ,very white very white white / very very white / extremely white / thief white / almost white dead / ah -- if you really want to give me money :my bank account is as follows :China Merchants Bank ( micro-blog ) /6225

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Theory and practice of win-win attempt

Theory and practice of win-win try mm &quot &quot junior middle school history ;enlighten the mind ;learning resources development and utilization of subject experimental stage summary material Yidu city Yang Shoujing high school subjects in the experimental group of my school is located in city suburbs ,students from city land surrounding rural areas ,students learn basic still is in inferior position, be they in the study of history is strong interest ,especially for their classroom new resources have a strong interest in, such as :school resources ,information resources and so on.
According to the school situation and the learning situation, we in 2007 November to declare the &quot ;l to enlighten the mind history in junior middle school r learning resources development use &quot ;project ,in 2007 December was identified as the Hubei Provincial Junior High School History &quot &quot ;enlighten the mind ;the subject topic ,and was certified as the province 45 key experimental school .
We study group in 2008 January held in &quot &quot ;early history ;enlighten the mind &quot ;learning resources development use &quot ;project proposal ,which launched a experimental study of nearly one years .
According to the subject ,we need to plan research ,theory study ,research study carried out everything in good order and well arranged ,achieved some results ,in the process of research teachers have some Experience and experience, but also faced a lot of confusion ,louboutin,did much ,very fruitful work ,has achieved initial results, this year our school senior high school entrance examination to obtain good results .
The years of carrying out the topic research report is as follows . Junior high school history ,the experimental results of &quot ;enlighten the mind &quot ;learning development and utilization of resources task ,in city ,county education scientific research departments of the concern ,guidance, teaching at the school office ,teaching and research group of the organization, we take the student as the center ,take the classroom as the main research positions ,with resource development as the main entry point ,to spiritual enlightenment of students as the main goal of promoting comprehensive ,between teachers and students in the classroom individualization and harmonious development ,obtained initial effect.
Now ,has formed a complete teaching plan three ,students experience in three volumes ,a student classroom resources .At present, in the experiments the teacher 4 people ,there are 11 classes ,nearly 500 students .
Two ,experimental approaches a ) ,to carry out the education and teaching research project declaration ,our group has developed a detailed research plan ,according to the plan for a positive educational research, discussion activities ,are as follows: 1 .
Real issue ,issue pre-test The experimental group member organizations to collect and study the domestic and foreign existing &quot ;enlighten the mind &quot ;education of the literature and information ,and seriously study ,research ,discuss ,according to the members of the project group theoretical level and comprehensive quality of concrete project .
2 ,problem that work. Zhuyanren introduced the research ideas and the previous research work ,topic team members on the topic in the study of exchange interaction, Zhuyanren for opening report .
3 ,organization of project team members of the theory study, improving the level of research .The participants every two weeks reading of history masterpiece ,improving teachers knowledge level and operation level .
4 ,form the system of subject research .Research group since its establishment ,each two weeks with a topic activities. Although the number is little, but we learn together ,discuss and study atmosphere is grumous ,after learning they realize ,historical classroom resources development research is the enlightenment spirit of students in an important way, is the reform in history teaching .
5 ,identify the subject of the road to cut a point . In the guidance of new curriculum standard next ,put the teaching of junior history teaching resource study as a starting point ,www.louboutinoutletonsaleinusa.com,the teachers and students to seek spiritual enlightenment of &quot ;&quot ;educational opinion ,the study of theory and practice of classroom teaching In the past ,the traditional teaching behavior to reflect ,and advocated by the new standard of the teachers behavior compared to the teachers and students ,and the text dialog ,teachers and students ,students and students in dialogue dialogue aspects such as research ,to change their behavior in the teaching classroom ,gradually into the history teaching in junior middle school ( a path to enlightenment .
Two) class of combining theory with practice and Enlightenment of the mind is refers to the student under teacher ,in the study life and society life choices and to identify research topics ,to take the initiative to acquire knowledge ,apply knowledge ,to solve the problem ,thus inspiring students heart of learning activities.
Specifically ,the learning activities focus on the rational use of resources, including the school-based resources ,social resources ,information resources and classroom resources ,a variety of resources complement each other ,reasonable use ,common for spiritual enlightenment of students learning offer foundation and assure .
For the needs of the subject ,we made some attempt ,is embodied in the following three aspects: first ,actively develop the school-based resources ,effective use of social resources to enlighten the students the soul of school resources including with different knowledge background ,features ,like staff, also includes a map library ,laboratory facilities ,campus environment ;more Including rich historical and cultural heritage of the school .
Our school is on the basis of the patriotic culture celebrity Yang Shoujing named ( renamed in October 18, 2005 ) ,in which be richly endowed by nature advantage. We guide students to find them interesting and are worth exploring .
If Yang Shoujingxian has left us a rich cultural heritage which we learn ?Mr. Yang Shoujing spirit to the spiritual enlightenment ?Students collected large amounts of data ,and install their own printed a booklet ,accompanied by their own learning speech.
Schools outside the social resources more colorful ,so we organize students to visit the history museum ,the former residence of Yang Shoujing ,organizes the student to understand the heroes he Bingyan deeds ,promoting students on the social resources of interest ,these resources are visual, help them to pay attention to the society, to the community, in the wider world in learning materials ,research material .
In the organization of students visit ,visit ,visit at the same time ,we let the students make research program ,solved in practice . Such as: by visiting Yang Shoujing residence ,further investigation of celebrity Yang Shoujing details ,the students finally click into place ,know our &quot ;we learn The school was renamed Yang Shoujing high school why ?&quot ;reason.
Visit the Anti-Japanese martyrs residence is the annual Ching Ming Festival, in April of this year our task group to seize this opportunity ,the students recall martyr after writing experiences ,what makes us feel happy is also some students initiative for the rich material to hear about them in the old village heroic deeds.
The most readily available ,the image research materials . So that our natural mining historical connotation ,improve students and ability secondly ,make full use of historical information resources spiritual enlightenment of students with the development of information technology ,history learning resources more widely ,through radio, television programs ,various forms of cyber source ,newspapers and periodicals information resources ,make the historical and art historical themes com.
.radio and television coverage, curiosity, strong junior middle students ,once broadcast and teaching content related to the television program ,the enthusiasm of the students ,exploratory soars, the atmosphere in the art ,feel the heavy historical and reality ,christian louboutin outlet,the combination of these through artistic processing history television :as our nine grade experimental teachers in organizing students to learn knowledge, dedicated to students Screening of &quot ;Pearl Harbor ,Normandy landing &quot ;&quot ;and other related film and television films, students feel huge ,www.louboutinpascherafr.com,macro ,heroic images at the same time ,fully comprehend the historical truth ,the soul is also a great shock ,feeling of peace today be not easily won .
Later, organize students to write &quot ;Pearl Harbor events in Revelation &quot ;autonomous learning scheme, by allowing students to access information from the computer, to understand more of the history of World War II specific cases ,www.louboutinoutleteshoesofusa.com,the problem: &quot ;the reason why Japan attack on Pearl Harbor ?The United States why initially frustrated ?& quot ;.
After student grouping study ,search ,answer, finally, independent research &quot ;Pearl Harbor enlightenment mm peace ,mankind forever theme &quot ;,reached a natural effect. Third ,the rational use of classroom resources spiritual enlightenment of students history class generated resources including history textbooks and students learning and teachers teaching materials and auxiliary means and equipment are generated resources ,the textbook is the core of the history curriculum resources ,it is the teachers and students learning methods and tools ,but also is the important content of teaching and learning ,to fully exploit and good use of teaching resources is the classroom The necessary conditions.
Junior high school teaching material contents systematic ,integrity ,for the students provides the advantageous safeguard for the classroom resources ,Christian Louboutin Outlet,provide source. For example ,eight grades of experimental teachers in organizing students to learn ,louboutin pas cher,for the Chinese modern history is a history of humiliation ,resulting in China bear the humiliation for a variety of reasons ,so the students in learning but with deep hatred and resentment ,is more of a thinking ,so the students in the classroom to generate a lot of problem: &quot ;the Opium War in China ,why fail? &quot ;&quot ;the Anglo-French allied forces burn old summer palace why ?&quot ;&quot ;,how to evaluate the Westernization Movement ,?&quot ;&quot ;why 100 on the reform of &quot ;and so on ,student issues raised at the same time ,students answer is all flowers bloom together.
This is our task ,experimental add endless charm ,in every student of words ,we all have a harvest, a plurality of resources ,such as the springhead of diversification . The declining of the Qing Dynasty ,the corruption and incompetence ,the foreign powers with our the achievements of civilization to create Yangqiangyangbao and fitted with a compass warship ,to open the door to China ,the students finally come: & quot ;backward will be beaten ,&quot ;&quot ;innovation is the soul of national &quot .
Three ,Study of experience and the experience of 1 ,historical classroom resources ,emphasizes the students ,inspiring the students to build a democratic ,Louboutin Outlet,equal ,harmonious ,happy teaching environment.
Students personality can make widely known,christian louboutin shoes, students can take a positive attitude to learning history ,to think about the history ,to the feeling history ,so as to realize the optimization of classroom teaching of history .
2 ,historical classroom resources development and utilization ,the cooperation ability of students and the ability of independent analysis are developed . If students love team communication ;like class and teachers to explore questions ;like on-line access to relevant learning resources.
3 ,historical classroom resources ,expand learning the history of space ,is advantageous to the student in the life practice to study history ,understanding history ,and experience to gain knowledge of the pleasure and fulfillment ,stimulate students participation and the history classroom learning interest in history class .
4 ,development and utilization of resources ,promoting the teacher .Especially for the contents of the text control ability and the individuality of the students understanding ,in the whole class structure and teaching process has a good grasp of .
Four ,study of confusion and the research direction in the future ,in 1 During the whole experiment ,students in the utilization of the network information resources to enrich their learning resources at the same time .
Often visible is the same to the complex, to how to guide the students to the efficient use of network information resources and the network information resources for the optimization of classroom teaching aspect and so on question has yet to be peer further discussion and study .
2 ,because of course reform of the climate ,we in the cultivation of students interest in learning history at the same time ,also have worry: experiment and examination of how to arrange ?How to have both fish and bear ?In the future, we will actively study the advanced experience of other subject groups ,further mobilize the members of the project group research initiative and innovation ,and strive in the study of good results.
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Bigamy wonder woman son father is a husband by hal

Report from our correspondent&nbsp ;( reporter Xiao Cheng correspondent Ruan Chunli ,Li Shiyin ) after registering to get married is not mandatory replacement booklet ,who has been married but the account book still unmarried .
At the same time as a result of the marriage registration information system according to apanage management ,no national network, married people with marked unmarried residence booklet to land the bigamy ,can be difficult to find .
Yesterday, a reporter from the Zhongshan City Second People court was informed ,the hospital has encountered many similar cases ,recent case of bigamy woman don his son is which of my husband .
Women cross area of bigamy Li Gang (alias ) and Guangxi Li Wen began dating in 2009 November 2007 ,christian louboutin outlet,marriage registration in Zhongshan .In 2009 Lunar calendar in October, Li Gang married Li Wen according to local customs ,and the wedding reception to celebrate .
In April this year, Li Wen in Sichuan gave birth to a boy, with the surname of Li Gang ,named Li Hao (a pseudonym ) .In May, Li Gang received a telephone man, someone who claims to be Li Wen husband Zhang Peng (alias ) ,Zhang Peng told Li Gang ,Li Gang and Li Wen before the marriage, he and Li Wen married in Guangxi ,two people also gave birth to a daughter ,who is Li Wen husband .
When Li Gang amazed when ,Zhang Peng took his case to the public security organ records .Li Gang is the wife should still believe .Li Gang cannot accept this reality ,in June 2nd of this year, he asked the second Zhongshan City People court ,requesting the court to declare his and Li Wen marriage is invalid .
During the trial ,Li Gang provides him with Li Wen ,Li Wen and Zhang Peng as well as a Guangxi marriage registration center certification ,that Li Wen bigamy facts .Have been married before why to marry Li Gang ?Li Wen said he had and Zhang Peng are really in love, but was his family secretly from home out documents for marriage registration ,parents do not know, nor a feast ;Li Gang was known to Li Gang ,her parents very satisfied ,both parents to marry ,but Zhang Peng does not agree with the process of getting a divorce ,so she concealing the facts and Li Gang married ,marriage registration .
Of or exemption from criminal penalty on the court, Li Gang also produced a genetic advice book ,said Li Hao was not his biological child . who ? The judge asked .t know, not Li Gang should be Zhang Peng .
For who is the father of Li Hao ,Li Wen doesn care .Last statement to the court ,Li Wen admits his bigamy .The court found ,Li Wen and Zhang Peng in Guangxi in June 20,Louboutin Outlet, 2007 October 12, 2008 registration of marriage ,give birth to daughters Zhang Xiaohui (a pseudonym ) ,daughter of Zhang Peng home in Sichuan life .
Li Wen and Li Gang remarried after this year gave birth to son ,son to follow Li Gang ,but his real father is Zhang Peng .The court thinks ,Li Wen is in the public security organs questioning on the alleged bigamy confessed ,and there are two copies of the marriage certificate to prove ,www.louboutinoutletonsaleinusa.com,in already married case of concealing the truth, once again apply for marriage registration formalities ,constitute bigamy ,the judgment of the court of Li Gang and Li Wenhun marriage invalid .
Zhang Pengceng Li Wen bigamy fact to the local public security police ,and later withdrew her criminal prosecution Li Wen or may be exempted from criminal punishment .The judge said :the marriage registration is not the national network into holes in accordance with the 2003 marriage registration regulations provisions ,in prospective new marriage registration ,as long as two people to produce their identity cards and accounts of this, and then fill out a to apply for marriage registration statement you can register .
With the 1994 Marriage Registration Management Ordinance ,now the marriage registration without providing unit or village ( neighborhood) Committee issued ,only requires the parties to make my spouse ,and no other party banned the marriage of kinship of the signature to the statement, program more simple .
In this case the judge said Jin Fenghua ,louboutin pas cher,it also led to the resulting holes .In addition ,our marriage registration information system according to apanage management ,registration of marriage has not carried on the national network, processing system does not prompt for people marital status .
Therefore ,if a married person on account of the writing of unmarried ,he can easily cross the area again the marriage registration .One can eat a sheep osmanjan .The network reporter Zhang Wande intern reporter Wang Rong video Osman Jean day to eat sheep weight generally need two people to lift .
The network reporter Zhang Wande intern reporter Wang Rong video Asian Heart Network ( text / graph of the network reporter Xu Yang intern reporter Wang Rong ) a person ate a whole sheep ?The seemingly impossible things ,but because the bet is realized, a diner in 30 minutes will be a 8.
5 kg Kaoquan Yang finished ,so that the presence of the other diners terrified onlookers .In May 3rd, the reporter contacted newspaper people Nijiati .He has some excitedly said: I was there at the time ,and many people watching him eat a whole sheep .
When I heard the old man said this kind of weird ,but never seen ,so don .Unexpectedly, I could see ,I can ! In April 29th 20, NiGuti and two friends to Urumqi unity Road in a sheep restaurants .
Go to the restaurant door, he saw a group of people around a white lamb is saying something, get past . Six or seven men on a middle-aged man said ,if he is a person can eat the cage that sheep ,they gave him the money ,if you can eat ,by middle-aged men pay for it yourself .
The middle-aged man said ,if the owner of the restaurant is willing to slaughter ,he can eat a whole roast whole lamb .Standing beside the restaurant boss listen to him said, immediately arrange workers to slaughter a sheep .
NiGuti recalls ,waiting for the roast lamb baked ,middle-aged man and he bet people chat, many know that customers are slowing down at speed ,some customers even in restaurants near relatives and friends call ,let them quickly to have a look .
Two hours later ,Kaoquan Yang released, restaurant the atmosphere a hilarious .When the owner of the restaurant with a large plate of the roast lamb served in the box, middle-aged men and those who bet him people into the box ,people stand around the balcony outside ,www.louboutinoutleteshoesofusa.com,waiting to see the middle-aged man how to put the entire sheep eating .
He put the two sleeves tucked up ,followed by the right hand grabs dish knife .He from sheep left hind leg cut ,every cut one knife ,the dish can fall off a chunk of meat .He used both of his hands with the meat into his mouth .
Eating meat bones ,christian louboutin shoes,his face and around the mouth is covered with oil ,narrow strips . Nica says, see middle-aged men eat so sweet ,he and other customers have started licking the lips of pharyngeal slobber .
About 20 minutes later ,louboutin,Kaoquan Yang below the neck meat are finished ,middle-aged man meat and meat slow a lot .At this time, he was advised to don eat ,that support is broken . But he insisted .
The two cheeks bulging ,head and body begins to shake ,eyelid also fast to lift ,www.louboutinpascherafr.com,looks like a drunken man . NiGuti recalled ,in middle-aged men intend to continue to eat the sheep neck ,those who bet him to admit defeat, they be sincerely convinced ,have pulled out 400 multivariate .
The middle-aged man will no longer continue to eat, a person swinging left the restaurant .Yesterday, reporters in the baking shop owner a met mr. .He told reporters ,eaten whole roasted whole lamb middle-aged man named osmanjan ,in the vicinity of the work ,because his boss bet to cause eat whole roasted lamb .
According to a boss introduction ,in order to attract people to patronize his shop ,he every day in the shop front of two live sheep ,the osmanjan eat is a gross weight 12 kg young goats ,sheep ,goat and viscera removed after weight is 8.
5 kg . He is too bad, I have never seen such a person who can eat ,he not only eaten a whole sheep ,ate two fists skin and a dish of bean sprouts . A boss says .In a boss ,the reporter in the baking shop at a nearby warehouse found eating Kaoquan Yang osmanjan .
He tells a reporter ,he is a porter ,this year 49 years old ,100 kilograms of weight .Because can eat ,the strength is big, colleagues called him Parry million ( Hercules .) . The day after work, my boss and colleagues about the restaurant roast lamb is very good ,they asked if I could eat a whole sheep .
30 years ago, when I was in Yili ,and had two friends ate a sheep .I think I ate a sheep should be no problem as they bet . Osmanjan said with a smile ,left the restaurant ,Christian Louboutin Outlet,his stomach rather full ,drank a few cups of water after it .
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Putian one in 2010 tall 3 last term final examination paper Chi

Putian one in 2010 tall 3 last term final examination paper ( Chinese) ,a classical Chinese poetry reading ( 27 ) ( a ) write common famous famous. 1 fill write the following sentence in famous vacancies .
(6 points ) ,Yiyi market in tobacco .( return home Sonoda ) II ,good false with things. ( the Xunzi ) the answer line ( Du Mu ,? Epang Palace ) the teacher Tao ,( Han Yu ? Said ) by more than ,can not bear for this state also !( Qu Yuan Lisao ) the man dead .
( Li Bai hills topple and the earth shake , Sichuan line is hard ) ( two) writings in classical Chinese reading ( 15 ) read the writings in classical style ,complete the 2-4 problem. Zhu Jingze ,even fewer words ,Bozhou Yongcheng people .
To Xiaoyi world was being significantly ,a six 1 .To Zezhi is Hui Bo Sea ,studious ,heavy justice the promise, sociable ,vibrating their distress ,don blame the newspaper in people and left Shi Jiang thaw ,left Pushe Wei Yuanzhong good .
Xianheng ,Emperor Wen Jiming ,summoned ,different . For Zhongshu Ling Li Jingxuan destroyed, therefore granted Huan water Wei .For a long time ,except for the right supplementary .First ,Wu said after the business ,world is gossip ,was opened .
Cook Road ,Hing prison ,to the minister to is ,is revolutionary ,Ning .Respect is to matter said: &quot ;Chen Wen Li Si Zhi phase Qin also ,line Shen business law, punishment of family ,Du private door ,a common room ,abandoning the useless fees ,damage is not urgent official, cherish day love work ,earnestly and disease tillage .
Both Shu and rich ,and Tu vassal. This save China operation .Therefore: mean can be also applied to in chemotaxis ,change fraud may be Chen to attack .The world has flat ,so it can be easy to width Jane ,run by Chun and Qin Naibu ran ,Yinnve couture ,to not reverse ,death to slide .
This unknown variable misfortune .Falluja ,Shu Suntong things Hanzu ,when Xingyang ,Cheng Gao ,poor pay ,and trapped ,did not dare to open one ,effect an odd ,only into the ho sly Tanbao man.
And district woo posed ,but Chen poetry , book ,said the ceremony ,music ,open the kingcraft. Gotti angrily said: l i to immediately ,Ann . Poetry , book ?R said: l immediately .
,can be immediately rule of ?R emperor silence . is Jia with language ,through ritual .This knowledge is good also .If Gotti to denounce two subsidiary ,the poetry , book ,heavy attack ,respect them ,then the answer power struggle ,his sword and strike column ,the leakage it does not guarantee, where twelve Di two hundred years ?I :benevolence ,Saint lotus Lu ;Li ,kings are temple to Bi ,straw dog II donated ;Chun fine flow ,dregs waste .
Renyi Shang ,besides its light ?& quot ;after he is good ,moved to the doctor minor in history ,to old disease also political ,Russia into both libations ,Dong Guan Lang .Easy set by the English name scholar Pearl ,and painted Wu Sansi ,Li Qiao ,Li Jiongxiu ,Wang Shaozong ,Su taste eighteen portrait that figure ,to lead worship ,firmly decline and its people ,the world clean .
Zhengzhou CI Shi ,Shi Shi was retired .Zuyong falsely play and ran Wang Jiao Fu with good ,as governor .Both its innocence ,to Luzhou .On behalf of the Huainan ,without a stop ,riding horse ,son of Cao Bucong to return.
And death seventy-five ( new book of Tang . ) note ?que:the official house built for the building . The straw dog :sacrifice by straw into a dog. ?generations:courtiers as diplomat,christian louboutin shoes, was moved to the new office .
2 in each of the following sentences with words to explain ,one incorrect item is ( 3 ) A. to Xiaoyi world was being significantly by B. can easily be :with wide simple :instead of C.
shrine to Bi ,Chu dogs donate :donated D. to Zhengzhou CI Shi ,and then to return to the original :3 the following relevant content analysis and summary, one incorrect item is ( 3 ) A.
Zhu Jingze family from generation to generation due to Xiaoyi and get recognition. His ambition ,the noble conduct ,and Tang Gaozong appreciation ,but because the people against him, so that only a small officer B.
Zhu Jingze .For ,Li Si phase ,severe law ,state ,the Qin to rule all the land ;but thereafter was not timely adjustment of national policy, be benevolent, eventually lead to subjugation ,so politicians need to size up the situation ,flexible .
C. Wu after the early administration of based firm, encouraged to secret torture ,as supplementary Zhu Jingze was right do not criticize. In Wu after the regime stability ,Zhu Jingze proposed Renyi Shishu sometimes could be dropped ,but sometimes have to take it out.
D. Zhu Jingze integrity ,Zhang Yizhi got the right to take the attitude of officials refused to cooperate ,by common people praise. As governor ,clean-fingered self-discipline ,not greedy for any property ,only one horse to traveling ,family and even walk from .
4 this paper painting horizontal line sentence into modern Chinese. ( 9 points ) :sociable ,vibrating their distress ,to blame the newspaper in .?tolead worship ,firmly decline and ,Shi Jie is a man ( three) read below .
A poem ,then answer the questions 5-6 .(6 ) Yang Cun Wanli Yang stone two banks good smoke ,like the horse village .Don Jiao Yang Liuyin in Nuevo Hotel ,under the grape trellis small fishing boat .
Red white white water ,Bebe yellow wheat international day . G I clear and still ,www.louboutinoutleteshoesofusa.com,as the Who work hard note land ?&quot ;Zheng &quot ;&quot ;&quot ;&quot ;,while mean ;clear and &quot ;the lunar April.
5 tries from &quot ;paint color &quot ;perspective on the middle of the poem two for appreciation. (3 points ) 6 with you on the understanding of the tail ,how is this poem subject .
( 3 points) two ,cultural classics ,literature classics reading ( 15 ) ( a ) literature classics reading ( 10 points) 7 the following ,works on the story narration does not correctly two is ( ) ( ) ( 5 minutes ) A.
Quixote is a complex character contradictory figure ,on one hand ,he is addicted to fantasy ,all from the subjective view, behavior absurd ,reckless. Such as the windmill as a giant ,is the windmill fell to the ground ,but in the magician tricks.
On the other hand ,he pursues is a kind of lofty principles ,curb the violent and assist the weak ,justice ,in order to maintain the truth to forget about one ,is a tragic and dramatic combination of character.
( Quixote ) B.&quot ,who join the sleeves ;in the smoke ,the edge of the piano music in general no margin ,no chicken raised at dawn ,five nights without annoying maid Tim .
Coke head towards it and ,extremely anxious complex mid day .Time passes very quickly. Should cherish ,rain and cloudy skies any changes due to .&quot ;Yuan Fei send To riddles written on lanterns ,everyone in the lady Dowager .
Guess riddles written on lanterns .Jia Zheng to see all the riddles are firecrackers ,abacus ,kite ,Hai and other scattered ,floating objects, the hearts can not help but has an ominous presentiment .
Especially pao-ch this famous ,not like Fushou someone ,left ,right ,even sad feeling ,it is difficult to become sleep .( a dream of Red Mansions ) C. Yang Yi watching Kong Ming left kit ,said to Wei Yan :&quot ;you dare to call three immediately even sound l who dare to kill me? R I put the Hanzhoung give you.
&quot ;Wei Yan mouth called :&quot ;who will kill me? & quot ;voice does not fall behind ,Ma Chao replied :&quot ;I kill you !&quot ;knife drop from a knife ,will Wei Yanzhan in Ma .
This is the original terminal arrangements ( Kong Ming up one . The romance of the Three Kingdoms ) D. Tu Wei-yueh Wu Sunfu clerk ,is also Wu Sunfu town home ,Tu Weiyue old Mr. Wu classmate.
Due to the old Mr. Wu thought was disgusted ,had impressed Wu Sunfu Tu Weiyue began to hate Tu Wei-yueh .But Tu Weiyue used to be neither humble nor pushy attitude won the Wu Sunfu appreciation and promoted.
( Zi Ye ) E.&quot ;but I have determined to ask her, asked her to do me Wife.&quot ;Simonsson continued . The evening roll call time, Simonsson told the Nie he leave ,he wanted to marry Maslow Va, Nie he leave ,after hearing the news ,very painful ,because in this way ,he will not be able to marry Maslow Va way to compensate for her sins ( Resurrection .
Short answer questions ( optional ) 8 questions ,each question 100 characters retinue ) ( 5 ) ( 1) she because of Lin Daiyu surface has his state ,must be to hear he was taunting words ,and his wish ,and see also asked him ,then laughs: &quot ;I see Li Kui called Song Jiang ,and later for not.
&quot ;he then laughs: &quot ;sister conversant with things present and past ,color all know ,how even this one name is not known ,said such a child . It .&quot to offer a humble apology ;she laughed :& quot ;this is called original to offer a humble apology conversant with things present and past !You know l R ,to offer a humble apology ,I don what is l to offer a humble apology r !&quot ;a word has not said, jade Lin Daiyu two heart disease ,to this early face red .
On this day ,he is to offer a humble apology to her why the &quot ;&quot ;( ?2) &quot ;this is my find at Barnes V The ,an old photo ,you might like .It !&quot ;( Resurrection ) Mass Lo Va from prison to the hospital as a nurse assistant ,Nie he stay ,to visit her ,and gave her an old photo .
Please see the old photo ,Mass Lo Va emotional changes ( two) reading cultural classics ( 6 ) Meng Yizi asks filial .Confucius: &quot ;without violating.&quot ;Chi Yu ,son told said: &quot ;Meng Sunwen filial piety to me, I said l without violating r.
&quot ;Chi said: &quot ;&quot ;how? Confucius said :&quot ;students ,do according rites ;death ,www.louboutinpascherafr.com,burial rites, offering with .&quot ;Meng Wu Beth asks filial .Confucius: &quot ;parents only .
About .&quot ;from asked about the meaning of filial piety .Confucius: &quot ;nowadays filial piety means being able to feed ,for dogs ,all have feeding ;why don disrespect ?&quot ;Zi Xia asks filial .
Confucius: &quot ;color hard . Sometimes ,the disciple took work there ,especially comestible ,sir ,can be considered filial piety ?&quot ;more than 9 pairs of text content understanding one is wrong ( ) ( 3 ) A.
filial piety is not against their will ,if the parents are wrong, only slightly exhortations ,even persuade invalid ,still should be a benign countenance humble them, not his anger in his face .
B. parents alive Get on with their parents ,to uphold the respectful mind ;his parents died ,the funeral should be properly combined ceremony .C. as children ,Louboutin Outlet,must make great efforts to do everything ,can not let his parents to worry ,this also is filial piety.
D. can not be considered filial parents just let them satiate wear warm enough ,there should also be respectful attitude ,otherwise ,just like animals did not differ in 10 selections that students take &quot ;&quot &quot ;labor ;and easy to do ,Mr.
&quot ;&quot ;&quot ,color ;excuse me where be hard ?( please use your own words to answer ) ( 3 ) a: Three ,modern article reading ( will test ) read the following text ,complete the 11~13 problem.
( 9 ) the humanities education where Chen Sihe I think that school education should include two kinds, one kind is to hold to from scratch ,from less to more accumulation of knowledge accumulation ,is the process of inculcation ,this knowledge was present in human life consciousness ,www.louboutinoutletonsaleinusa.com,by instilling puts it into the subjective world ,make people become rich ;and an education, is an active life as the premise, itself is a kind of human ability ,with old saying ,is human factor human Factors associated with knowledge of the factors is not the same, human nature is human life within things ,knowledge is the life outside .
Of course ,people will not born to realize &quot ;I is the &quot ;&quot ;&quot ,how should do ;the problem is the problem of morality . We can eat sleep can not be said to be a qualified person ,must also have a conscience to support his action ,such a conscience is the little education to wake up to it .
The light to rely on science and technology training cannot be completed, money power cannot be completed, it needs Wen Shizhe long-term edification and education. The two kind of education ,which arguably is the knowledge and technology education ,having a tool value ;the latter being known as humanistic education,louboutin, more emphasis on spiritual values.
The way to form are not the same ,is not quite harmonious ,if on the humanistic education also take instills into the knowledge education method ,sometimes depressed real the human factor .
Therefore ,the humanities education is not equal to the humanities knowledge education of humanistic knowledge ,if not with the true spirit of humanity together ,just memorize dogma ,away from the actual perceptual life ,it will only be a consequence :student knowledge Factors are accepted ,but the human factor is more obscured .
This is not the ideal results of humanistic education .In fact ,the plight of humanities education ,world each country exists, it is associated with the so-called global modernization relationship has not handled well .
The whole world tide is to emphasize technological knowledge education ,national requirements for education indicators with quantitative characteristic ,this course will send science and technology go up ,but the lack of the consequences are seldom considered in .
2000 Zhejiang province Jinhua city a middle school student ,education pressure to kill mother events ,not only in China ,but also some foreign .The United States of America campus so much violence occurred ,is essentially the United States only technical knowledge education ,defect humanistic education humanistic education results.
Instills into the type without the inner beauty in energy to wake up, but the human nature in the good factors depressed, killed ,so that the educated on the human nature is good factors by the felt hatred.
Like Germany has developed the humanistic tradition in the country, like Japan, such a etiquette nation, for what will appear why fascism ?China in twentieth Century fifty or sixty time socialism when be on the upgrade ,out of the Cultural Revolution? These problems ,in my opinion all humanity education with failure .
A country ,a nation, to strive for progress with determination ,sleep on the brushwood in stages, often require the peoples heart ,concentrated pursuit with a realistic goals ,such as economic development ,to raise the standard of living ,dominating the world and so on ,in order to realize this goal ,in the education will naturally or half unconsciously to suppress some other factors ,such as the humane spirit because of humanities spirit in the real-life role is not easy to appear.
It lost not easily noticed ,until the collective found it will be too late. Humanistic spirit the fundamental point is to arouse people take one realm of personality ,a spirit of independence and freedom of thought .
The humanistic spirit can be through the humanities education practice to gradually explore the experience of China into the world economic system about is irreversible ,but we have joined WTO.
,our humanity must enter the western mode ,and that we have the tradition of humanistic education to ruin ?I think urgent affairs is how the western mode .Holding national autonomy and diversity .
We have a long way to go. 11 humanities education is the essence of what ?Choose representations of the most accurate a ( 3 ) A. focuses on the history and philosophy of the long-term edification and education ,to awaken humanity beauty factors and human conscience education.
B. insisted from scratch ,from less to more knowledge accumulation ,which instilled into the subjective world of human being has been gradually enriched education. C. through a variety of learning the knowledge ,training of human beauty of nature, which can realize &quot ;I was &quot ;education.
D. taught literature ,history ,philosophy and the humanities knowledge ,make people understand the life sense education. 12 from the full text ,resulting in the humanities education the reason of predicament is what ?( 3 points) 13 lack of humanistic education is what harm ?( 3 points) four ,literature ,practical text reading ( 15 ) from the A.
,B two types of text in the selected a kind of answer ,do not choose another kind of magazines. a in literature text reading the following works ,completion of the 14-16 problem.
Sun Island Bao Limin then every drink ,will sign said :& quot ;in Harbin, the best place is Sun Island ,full China is famous !&quot ;I was eight years old ,his father is a time of large half an year in project team work ,passed many places .
Was popular concert Zheng Xulan Sun Island ,the song to sing: &quot ;the sky in summer is so clear and beautiful Sun Island how look attractive ,with fishing fishing rod ,with a camping tent ,we came to we came to guy back n girls changed the swimsuit hh&quot ;somehow reminds many people yearning heart.
Then in one father drunk ,I ask him :&quot ;have you ever been to Sun Island ?How did you know that Harbin is the best place to ?&quot ;father slightly lower his head and said :&quot ;not to go, but certainly can go !&quot ;when his father engineering team to go to Harbin to Jiangqiao ,he was so excited he incapable of further increase ,vigorously patted me on the shoulder and said: &quot ;boy ,this time you can really .
To get to the Sun Island !&quot ;summer when his father wrote back ,said a few days they ,just can go to Sun Island to see ,also said that far to see there, are all green ,there must be more than the song well .
So then I hope every day with his father to listen to him tell me Sun Island thing. But was no letter ,do not know him to Sun Island .In autumn, my father came back. My sister and I have asked :&quot ;did you go to Sun Island ?It good ?&quot ;&quot ;of course, father says :go ,hey ,really very good !&quot ;we will he to ask: &quot ;that after all fortunately where ?&quot ;father says to not be clear about ,ask him above may have a song that playing boy and swimsuit girl ,he said :&quot ;anyway, the person is quite much, do both! &quot ;we said :&quot ;is it right? You didnt go ,come back to deceive us !&quot ;father anxious ,say: &quot ;why didn go ?The ticket to five yuan a !&quot ;and took from his pocket a piece of paper in front of our eyes ,shook the :&quot ;this is the tickets! &quot ;we saw above really ,wrote &quot &quot ;$5 ;the inscription, there is also a red seal ,no such scrutiny, he went back, say: &quot ;don you broke ,it can be as a souvenir !&quot ;since then ,father every time after drinking alcohol ,is lamenting the Sun Island in the United States ,says our heart itch ,secretly decided must personally go and have a look.
The father is often said :&qu Ot ;so there is a chance I will go to have a look ,this time to see !&quot ;but the father did not wait until the opportunity ,project team that a few years turned to the size of the Xingan hill construction ,will not go to the provincial capital .
Then my father is broken ,can go out to work, but our the small village is very far from Harbin ,he went to the Sun Island dream never materialized . Later ,I go to school in Harbin ,where the first thing went to Sun Island.
Maybe the expectations are too high ,and did not imagine the beautiful charming ,the heart will have disappointed .But in his father letter ,I put the Sun Island scenery as if it were raining flowers .
My sister to the provincial capital to see me ,we went to Sun Island again ,and took a lot of photos ,the sister says :&quot ;I must go to the father all about ,now he drinks wine also always whisper !So many years ,he never forget! &quot ;we smile ,my heart was filled with a strange feelings .
That summer, my father came home ,I am forced to patted me on the shoulder ,said :&quot ;boy ,Christian Louboutin Outlet,daddy didn cheat you ?That Sun Island is it right? Good ?&quot ;I tried to nod. I accompany father to drink wine, topic Not always from the Sun Island .
Father drunk ,lying on the Kang is also kept saying : &quot ;Sun Island ,is the best place !&quot ;my sister and I watched in silence as the sleeping father ,eyes are moist .Then we had secretly dug out father that Sun Island tickets ,in fact it is a a spitting ticket receipts ,father has never been to Sun Island.
( read and 2009 the first period ) 14 of this novel appreciation ,evaluation ,incorrect two is divided by 5) A. novel is a love and yearning for a wonderful life ,to live a simple desire and the pursuit of the people.
There are very strong self-esteem ,that deceive oneself and others to keep their own dreams and father dignity. B.&quot ;&quot son father ;in doubt when it is slightly lower ,&quot ;&quot ;&quot ;acute &quot he &quot ;&quot ;self-esteem ;,the fine receipt when tickets cover deceive oneself and others is father &quot ;&quot ;performance.
C. we smile ,my heart was filled with a strange feelings .This strange feelings &quot ;&quot ;is the siblings to father used to deceive deceptive contempt. D. father to Sun Island from longing ,the pursuit of the dream Deceive ourselves ,to meet all my experience ,&quot ;&quot ;which witnessed, in first person perspective &quot ;&quot ;narrative, so his father image more objective ,true.
E. first-person &quot ;&quot ;can be used to make the novel ,characters more realistic ,with &quot ;I &quot ;view the hero of the novel ,the author subjective cognition and &quot ;&quot ;identity combination ,so that the theme of the novel expression more thorough ,more sincere emotion .
15 ( 4 ) novel by &quot &quot ;Sun Island ;for the question ,from the text ,what purpose? Please briefly analyzed. A. Hong Peixin :Chinese 16 novel last say &quot ;father of the Sun Island entrance ticket &quot ;&quot ;is actually a spitting ticket receipts ,father has never been to Sun Island .
The authors of &quot ;in the end of this processing is reasonable ?Please ,talk about your views and reasons. ( 6 ) .: b utility class to read the text of the following text ,complete the 12-14 problem.
(15 points ) his soul Chen Xiaoquan in early spring of 1922 ,Zhu Ziqing must answer sixth ,normal principal Zheng He spring from the Zhejiang division of a man to teach in Taizhou ,his wife and children to stay in Hangzhou.
The six Division The student is very simple ,to Zhu Ziqing has long attracted ,warmly welcomed on his arrival .But in March, a division of students letter calls Zhu Ziqing back, because his family was still there ,he decided to return to Hangzhou .
Six division student news firmly retain, difficult to refuse such kindness ,he had promised them: &quot ;after the summer ,will return to Taizhou !&quot ;a division of students on the back of Zhu Ziqing felt very happy ,because they are considering the establishment of &quot ;&quot lake poets ;Zhu Ziqing on the lake poets to give strong support ,in May 18th wrote read Lake anthology one article, it is then the Lake to conduct a comprehensive evaluation of the first article article.
Just at that moment ,the inner world of Zhu Ziqing lifted turbulent waves, this soul tremor is not accidental ,but long accumulates in the chest of depressed mood is inevitable explosion.
At that time, five four young students ,to change China ,full of passion ,go hither and thither to call for ,pointing Jiangshan ,????,romantic moment .They thought the hurricane sweeps ,the motherland will have a new ,Yi Wei sound will be fully in the Archean .
Who knows tide retreat ,still desolate beach .The warlords in the Chinese political arena stage Scene farce .Faced with this reality ;and most of the knowledge of young ,Zhu Ziqing felt panic ,for he was so enthusiastic praise five four &quot ;gold grain &quot ;seed ,in the land of China did not blossom fruit !My night ,rain fell ,the light path where is he from ?Heart sound :a call to such a empty world, where his path !Zhu Ziqing heart is very pain ,but has not discouraged ,he always face the life ,explore hard ,just as his friend Ye Shengtao says ,&quot PX ;not cynical ,&quot who is serious ;he also advocated the doctrine :moment .
Every moment has the significance and value of every moment ,every moment in time, it is the location of Yu Pingbo .Zhu Ziqing recounted his regret and sadness ,he says his &quot ;because of sadness and feel empty ,only the steering can be more comfortable &quot ;because had promised Taizhou Zhejiang Sixth Normal School Students after the end of the summer to go, so in September ,Zhu Ziqing took his wife and two children by ship to Taizhou.
Can accommodation ,temporary residence in new Jiaxing Hotel ,six master students heard the teacher to , cheers ,rushed to the hotel to visit in Taizhou, Zhu Ziqing is very busy ,in addition to teach lessons ,must change the six Division students write articles ;at the same time ,Hangzhou division of a classmate from time to time to send it to him to correct.
After work, he would arrange it ,continue to create the long poem destruction .The wind is still ,cloud still .Quiet environment is more suitable to reflect on ,review the past ,calculate the future .
Ah ,as time has passed, there was still ahead! In November 7th, he wrote a letter to Yu Pingbo ,make sure the attitude to life :lost to metaphysical ,special worship is actual, this is I tried to life.
This is what he said to &quot ;&quot ;this is the so-called small hands. Subsequently, he gave Yu Pingbo a letter ,to further explain their instant doctrine: I mean just live each moment of interest ,make me the moment life comfortable.
As of this moment before all, and I is not returned, can say the useless ;moments later ,has not come yet ,I don bother to raise concerns .We now &quot ;&quot ;life ,often only &quot ;regret the past,christian louboutin outlet, worried about the future of &quot ;,Kung Fu are fee to go, the eyes should be done are dropped ,it Is to bring trouble on oneself !He finally conclusion is :&quot ;my moment doctrine ,is ordinary .
In fact is the pursuit of &quot ;feelings of inner control and moderate, to meet the pursuit of self ,stability and harmony . This idea has since brought him endless trouble ,but he kind of service ideal, not reduced ,dedicated to &quot ;just one step &quot ;pragmatic spirit ,louboutin pas cher,but showed a praiseworthy for one solid style .
Taizhou in the small room, he will be chaotic thoughts into a vivid imagination ,wings, write their own songs .The quiet family also have a lively time ,that is students visit ,Zhu Ziqing teaching seriously ,be good at giving systematic guidance ,be friendly to people ,and his close students like him .
Or in the evening ,or in the light of gentle good night ,they often came to his study ,ask him questions ,over accumulation at the desk new books ,very well. in 1923 March due to destruction in the fiction published time ,Zhu Ziqing accepted the tenth school in Zhejiang province to recruit, leave dear Taizhou six Division students ,has gone to Wenzhou.
(excerpt from the Zhu Ziqing of four ,has made 14 critical biography ) following the analysis and summary, incorrect The two item is ( ) ( ) ( 5 ) A. biography uses description technique, according to the time order to comment on Zhu Ziqing by spending agonized and quest until the set &quot ;from the start ,&quot ;service ideal, dedicated to &quot ;just one step &quot ;belief in life &quot ;steering &quot ;course.
B. Zhu Ziqing wrote at the time of the Lake to conduct a comprehensive evaluation of the first article to read &lt &gt ;Lake ;anthology one article, giving the lake poets society energetically support ,thus causing him long accumulates in the chest of depressed mood will burst .
C. biography section seventh outlines six Division the students ask Zhu Ziqing questions the rendering of the scene ,a warm and to study the atmosphere ,highlights Zhu Ziqing be good at giving systematic guidance ,amiable and easy of approach features.
D. from the work of Zhu Ziqing and he was warmly welcomed by the students can be seen ,he is a good fit for language teachers ,his teaching is successful. E. life don think too much ,just need to take a moment and comfortable enjoyment ,retrospective and prospective ,are bring trouble on oneself .
15 article third section quoted Ye Shengtao &quot PX ;not cynical ,is a serious person. Please contact &quot ;full text ,Talk about how Zhu Ziqing was serious .( 4 ) a: 16 from the full text ,why Zhu Ziqing is depressed ?He depressed souls issued what voice ?( 6 ) a: five ,language 17 according to the following poetic personification ,select new things ,write another group of meaning ,similar to complete sentences sentence.
( does not require the original sentence words with same ) (4 ) the eye is very tolerant to hold the whole world it is very harsh tolerate a grain of sand 18 read a story, then answer the questions on the Internet in January 8th ,appeared in an article entitled the 2010 Xiamen marathon ,3 hours of cheating analysis report ( hereinafter referred to as the &quot &quot ;nets post, pointed out that this year Marathon athletic field ,there are many people because of the entrance examination ,athlete grade promotion purposes ,to cheat to obtain good times .
One of the most exaggerated, 6 individual sprint brought 11 score .A reporter from the Xiamen International Marathon Marathon Organizing Committee was informed that the Ministry ,there are others in the race to fraud ,at present the majority of cheating has been found ,and was cancelled in time and place .
In the Xiamen marathon on the official website ,the top 100 contestants of about 30 persons have been cancelled as Performance and position. According to the Organizing Committee Department ,Xiamen Sports Bureau deputy director He Xi introduction ,early in the game has just ended, the organizing committee was found in violation of the contest rules and regulations of individual behavior.
Some players a person wearing two or even more time chip ,Tuo players ;some contestants then hop tax one traffic tool ,in order to achieve better results in the past few days, the organizing committee has been through the photos ,video and other parties to investigate and collect evidence ,and the top 100 in the cheaters made sought .
&quot ;does not exclude individual parameter players ,individual sports teams by some interest in the game of fraud ,.&quot ( 1) ;please use a sentence to outline the news content of the material ( 2 ) ( 2) of the Xiamen marathon cheating case you have? Please to this comment: the requirement to write their own point of view ;explain their reasons ( not less than 150 words ) ( 7 points) six ,writing (70 points ) to play, in the dictionary where the meaning is &quot ;accept and take responsibility .
&quot ;bear is a kind of attitude ,is also a kind of action. Play can for themselves, others ,can also provide national ,national HH you &quot &quot ;play ;how the experience or perception ,please refer to &quot as &q ;Uot ;as problem, write an article.
The reference answer 1 ( 6 points) for each written correctly 1 .?heatingfar Village II gentleman student of ?JiHe Hong the husband being known or old in age and death in exile ,the Ning Ke and ladder stone stack by hook and 2 (3) C ( &quot &quot donated ;abandon ;mean ) 3 ( 3 ) C ( Wu after the early administration of Zhu Jingze hasn served right supplementary Office ) 4 ( 9 ) :be good at dealing with people ,relief others trouble ,not to ask in return.
( this sentence translation 5. Vibration :Pass & quot ;&quot ,.1 relief ;relief .Responsibilities : requirement of.1 .Journal: the return, 1. The Prepositional Structure post 1. Fluent statement 1.
) the ( they ) want to hire respect ,respect is firmly refused, not in the have everyone think he ,noble conduct .( this sentence translation 4. Primers: Hire ,1 points. And :participation, 1.
Clean :conative usage ,1. Fluent statement 1. ) 5 answers green willow and grapes ,red and white flowers ,yellow wheat field and blue sky ,thick and heavy in colours ,contrast of tone strong.
Poetry intermediate two painted a pastoral scenery of the beautiful picture. 6 end joint is the author feelings ,mean, in this lunar day in April ,I also went to the remote An official of the road ,rural is so beautiful, why don go home farm ?All official, what is to who ?This poem of the former triple depiction of rural beautiful scenery, the purpose is the last word .
In thought ,the author is to use natural beauty to show the pursuit of the ideal life ,with pastoral pleasures foil his retirement wish. 7 ( 5 ) C ,E ( C is Ma Dai killed Wei Yan ;D Nie did not feel very painful, but feel happy ,because Maslow Va found Simonsson such protection ) is a deduction of 2 points .
8 ( 5 ) ( 1) for a Taoist priest Bao Yu elders ,Bao Yu is not happy ,will no longer go view theater (1 points ) who advised him to go to ,Bao Yu thinks her don is very angry ( 1 points) who was wronged ,that Bao Yu is afraid of drag their good marriage ,her evil nature.
( 1 ) the results of Bao Yusheng gas .Jade ,but sad side ,big fight. ( 1 ) after two people regret ,the very next day ,Bao Yu went to her to accompany not. ( 1 ) ( 2) Mass Lo Va is full of silently conveyed tenderness looked at the pictures ,even dimly imagine that she was so happy ,but ( 2 points) companion on this .
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